X-Ray and Raman Lab
Lab Director: Domenico MIRIELLO
Site: cubo 14 B, piani 0 e II; cubo 15 A, I piano
The laboratory was founded in 1976 to support research at the Department of Earth Sciences (now DiBEST) of the Calabria University. Its expertise range from the chemical and mineralogical characterization of geological materials (rocks, soils etc.), to the compositional characterization of the materials of the modern built (cements, composite materials) and Cultural Heritage (obsidian, bricks, ceramics, mortars, plasters, bronze, glasses, etc.). The laboratory has also supported the characterization of new materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Over the years, the lab has supported several studies about the environmental pollution, as the characterization of materials containing asbestos and soils. It has developed innovative protocols for diagnostic and archaeometric applications. The laboratory, in addition to possessing classics X-ray spectrometers and diffractometers, is provided with a portable X-ray  spectrometer, able to perform, in-situ, not destructive chemical investigations.
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