Electron Microscopy Lab
Lab Director: Rosanna DE ROSA
Site: cubo 15 A, piano terra
The Electron Microscopy Lab is part of Department of Biology Ecology and Earth Science; has two scanning electron microscopes (SEM). The first instrument with a thermionic source emission (mod. Stereoscan 360 S) for morphological image acquisition with SE - BSE signal - and CL spectra (cathode luminescence). The second instrument, with a field emission source, mod QUANTA 200 - FEI for high resolution image acquisition in SE, BSE signal. Three working mode is available:  high vacuum, low vacuum and environmental.  Acquisition of EDS spectra  (energy dispersive spectrometry) for punctual chemical analysis (microanalysis ). The laboratory is also equipped with instruments for sample preparation for SEM: Sputter Coater with Cr head and Carbon Coater in graphite rods mod. Q150T ES - QUORUM TECHNOLOGIES

  Overview of Activities