Diagnostics and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Lab
Lab Director: Mauro Francesco LA RUSSA 
Site: cubo 12 B, II piano
The Laboratory of Diagnostics and Conservation of Cultural Heritage was born in 2006 in the Department of Earth Sciences. Today it operates under the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences (DiBEST) University of Calabria. In the laboratory, analyses regarding the characterization of the degradation of stone materials are conducted. In particular, analysis of the materials constituting the cultural heritage both in subaerial and in underwater environment are carried out. In addition, innovative products (such as nanomaterials) for the protection and preservation of stone materials are formulated and tested.

  Overview of Activities
The equipment allows characterizing the stone materials from the point of view of their propensity to degradation. At the laboratory analysis of resistance to salt crystallization, weathering test by means of instruments which simulate the solar radiation and the variation of T and Ur, analysis of the porosity, analysis of the organic component, the water vapor permeability, capillary absorption and colorimetric measurement are carried out. In addition, by thermocamera it is possible perform field tests on architectural surfaces to assess the state of preservation of buildings. At the Laboratory of Diagnostic and cultural heritage innovative products based nanostructured materials to be applied on substrates stone can protect and preserve the stone materials are formulated and tested. These products have consolidating, protective, self-cleaning and biocide properties. The aging chambers are useful to evaluate the resistance of these products against environmental agents (light, temperature and humidity)